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How to write the perfect cover letter

There is often a lot of focus solely on creating a good resume, however a great cover letter can be the best way to create a positive first impression. Cover letters are a chance to provide more information about yourself in a more personal (yet still professional) manner as well as expand on your work experience and achievements. 

Here are our top 3 tips to perfecting your cover letter


  1. Include contact and company information in the header of the letter & address it personally to the appropriate person. Taking the time to find out who will be processing your application and letter can set you apart in the pile. It shows you haven’t just sent out a standard letter to multiple people without customizing it for this particular position.

  2. Use the first paragraph to share more in depth information about your career to date, top achievements and why you feel this job is the perfect fit for you. Think of this as a chance to expand on anything included on your resume and give the recipient a chance to get to know you further. This is also a time to explain why you feel you are the right choice not only for this position but for the company as a whole. This may include values that align with your own, opportunities for growth within the company and anything else you feel is a positive.

  3. Finish the letter by thanking them for taking the time to process your application, reiterate how interested you are and provide the invitation for them to contact you if they have any further questions (include your email address and phone number).

Now you are ready to hit send, good luck!  

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