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Employment in Space

Few industries are expanding like the space industry in Australia.Β 

With record levels of investment locally and abroad, candidates with relevant skillsets and with a keen interest in space are going to be increasingly in demand to help the leading players in this space continue to grow and innovate in a hugely fascinating field.

So, what exactly is happening in the space industry? And what do you need to know to break into this hugely exciting industry?

In this article, Axia SPACE breaks down the state of play in this innovative sector.

Australia’s first space mission to create a jobs bonanza

The most recent Australian budget provided a significant windfall to the fast-growing space industry, which is going to see a wide range of opportunities created in Australia and potentially abroad for candidates looking to break into the sector.

The announcement of Australia’s first space mission, an ambitious project to build four satellites that will be designed, constructed and operated from Down Under, is expected to create 500 jobs and involve 100 local companies just in the initial design and build phase.

With $39 million to be spent annually on this mission, complementing a $66 million five-year investment made last year to support rocket launches from Australia, the local space sector is expected to grow considerably.

In fact, the Australian government has committed to increasing the size of the space sector three-fold by 2030.

Should it succeed in its aims, the space sector would be worth $12 billion by this time and will have created 20,000 new jobs in a wide range of fields. From rocket science and engineering to artificial intelligence and data analysis, the opportunities for employment in space are as vast as space itself!

Whilst the local space industry is expected to boom as a result of these investments, the growth of this industry in Australia and the greater application of relevant skills in this industry across the country will also create opportunities for Australian applicants interested in pursuing careers in space overseas.

A Global Industry Enjoying Record Investment

In the United States, 2021 saw record levels of investment in space start-ups.

The start-up space sector attracted $9 billion USD in venture capital investment in 2021, a massive 82% increase year on year.

Overall, $15.4 billion USD was funnelled into the space sector in 2021, blitzing the record set in 2020 of $7.7 billion.

With such levels of investment, there is a range of opportunities abroad for candidates with a keen interest in space and open to making a move.

Breaking In: Getting Your Foot In The Door

So what sort of skills will you need to get ahead in the space industry?

A background in science, cybersecurity, technology, engineering, mathematics or project management will be highly valued.

However, as the industry is rapidly evolving, employers will also be looking for candidates who are adaptable and have a willingness to learn new things.

Candidates with strong problem-solving skills, creative thinking and good communication will also be in demand.

What has been interesting to note from our own research into this sector is that many of the CEOs currently operating in this space started their careers outside of the industry.

A common theme amongst them is that it was their general interest in space that brought them to work in the industry, meaning that this general interest in the sector is what drove them to find an opportunity to seek employment in space.

With so much investment in this sector locally and the expected growth of businesses playing in this field, there will be a range of support roles within these companies as well.

This could include finance, accounting, human resources and perhaps even marketing roles within these companies.

If you’re interested in working in the space industry, now is the time to start thinking about the skills you’ll need to get ahead.

Axia SPACE is currently seeking candidates for a range of roles in Space & Defence, both in Australia and in the United States.

To register your interest in opportunities reach out to lara@axiarecruitment.space

Head to our dedicated Space & Defence page for more information.

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