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Working with a Recruitment Partner: Tips for hiring a Technical Recruiter to Attract Top Talent – no matter what industry.

Speak with any recruiter or hiring manager today, and it’s evident that finding top talent is becoming increasingly tough. According to Gartner research, only 16% of new hires have all of the abilities required to be prepared for both their present work and the future. Evolving skill requirements are among the large-scale shifts now taking place in the workplace and labour market, and traditional recruiting techniques are failing to keep up.

“Outsourcing” has a poor reputation. However, when it comes to your recruitment function, collaborating with an external specialist can successfully improve your approach to talent acquisition and provide measurable business results more quickly.

Despite the pandemic and present economic concerns, the IT industry remains one of the top sectors, and businesses across Australia are struggling to locate IT and technical skills. The surge in remote work, IT support, cybersecurity, and digital transformation projects has resulted in a huge increase in demand for IT personnel over the last year.

1. Cost Reduction

Companies are continuously seeking methods to decrease recruitment expenses and boost efficiencies while still being able to hire the top personnel. The correct recruitment partner (when engaged in a RPO arrangement or exclusive partnership arrangement) can assist with the whole process from sourcing and recruiting to assisting with the onboarding process which improves new hire experience and staff retention, lowering the high expenses of employee turnover.

Did you also know that collaborating with a recruitment partner can cut your cost-per-hire by 40% to 60%?

2. Centralised and Dedicated Recruitment Function

You and your team may have to handle the growing complexity of the hiring process on top of everything else you have to do. After all, firms are being pushed to accomplish more with less, and the human resources function is no exception. When internal resources are limited, collaborating with the right recruiting service enables you and your team to focus on other strategic goals, knowing that your talent acquisition needs are being handled by trained specialists who are completely dedicated to your organisation.

3. Flexibility, Agility and Scalability

No internal team is ever the correct size all year due to the inevitable hiring peaks and troughs throughout the year. Attracting the greatest recruitment professionals to work in-house is difficult, and maintaining them during the down seasons is even more difficult. Because of their capacity to offer progressive, worldwide employment, recruitment partners attract and keep the greatest technical talent. As a result, your recruitment partner is uniquely positioned to make sure the immediate flexibility and scalability of world-class recruitment personnel to meet fluctuating demand. Partnership enables your company to remain flexible in a volatile market.

4. Recruitment Technology, Tools and Management Information

When it comes to discovering the greatest personnel, the appropriate combination of recruitment technologies and marketing tools is critical. They allow you to identify and source job searchers, engage passive prospects, shorten time-to-hire, and improve candidate experience. However, many businesses lack the means to invest in these technologies and tools, and when they do, they frequently fail to maximize their usage. A recruitment partner will provide you with resources, marketing, and technological skills that would otherwise incur additional and often prohibitive expenditures for your firm.

Recruitment tools and technology evolve at a tremendous speed. Only a professional can keep up with the most recent and relevant technologies for your business and seamlessly integrate them.

Furthermore, these systems collect large volumes of data, which are then translated into useful management information reports, enabling insight across the whole recruitment process and driving continuous development, innovation, and service excellence.

5. Candidate Quality, Experience and Retention

A typical in-house recruitment team includes a recruiter overseeing the entire process, which often leads to a reduction in candidate quality, experience, and, ultimately, retention due to time restrictions and a lack of knowledge across all stages of the recruitment process. The ideal recruitment partner will put together a team of specialists in sourcing, engagement, screening, evaluation, and onboarding for your firm. Recruitment partners can improve applicant quality, experience, and retention rates by compartmentalizing the recruitment process and providing expertise in each area.

6. Process Improvement and Efficiencies

Companies cannot afford to put off implementing plans and processes that will help them achieve their long-term staffing requirements. Strategic workforce planning is a strength of high-quality recruitment partners. The right partner can help you completely rethink and restructure your organisation’s talent acquisition strategy to better achieve your goals. It can accomplish so while cutting costs, shortening the hiring process, and improving the candidate and hiring manager experience.

7. Time-To-Hire

Time-to-hire can be a huge challenge. Organisations struggle not only to recruit the proper personnel but also to onboard new employees promptly. This can have an effect on their profitability and productivity. Time-to-hire is reduced through careful planning, procedural efficiency, and the deployment of a dedicated recruitment team that excels at spotting and overcoming negative influencers. This is the type of service you can expect from a recruitment partner.

8. Employee Value Proposition and Employer Brand

Extraordinary companies require extraordinary employees. You must use a smart and innovative approach to attract the right talent, persuade them to join you, and motivate them to do great things. This strategy should be insight-driven, data-driven, digitally aware, and technology-enabled. The appropriate partner can help you do this by igniting your employer brand to produce significant outcomes. They may also go above and beyond by assisting you in optimising your approach to save money and deliver more value across your employee lifetime, thereby enhancing your return on investment as well as your performance.

9. Innovation and Value Addition

Engaging with a technical recruitment partner provides you with immediate access to specialists that live and breathe best practices in technology, human resources, planning, attraction, engagement, evaluation, and onboarding. In addition, recruitment partners should provide institutional knowledge that may be incorporated into your talent acquisition efforts. The expertise you get through recruitment partnerships will improve the quality of your hiring process, minimise risk, boost retention, and ultimately provide you and your business with a distinct competitive advantage.

10. Choose the Right Hiring Partner

Finding the best personnel is just as important as coming up with unique solutions when it comes to running a successful organisation. Finding the ideal candidate for the job isn’t the only thing that goes into good hiring. Attracting prospective employees who will fit into your company’s brand and culture is critical. Is your workplace a fast-paced one that needs folks who are equally as dynamic? Perhaps client service, loyalty, or transparency are important aspects of your company.

No matter what culture you have, a recruitment partner must not only comprehend but also behave in accordance with your company values. This not only leads to better hiring, but it also ensures that your distinct values, message, and reputation are communicated at every level of the recruitment process.

A recruitment partner can be a beneficial partner as organisations work to develop their own talent networks. The perfect recruitment partner will have a plethora of knowledge gained by handling a wide range of challenges as well as successfully sourcing and hiring in a variety of marketplaces and industries. Employers will benefit from this pooled knowledge.

At Axia HR, we recognise that things happen and that situations change. We value flexibility, dependability, and consistency above all else – we seek to be as agile and flexible as possible for our clients and to simply make their life simpler by supplying the appropriate quality at the right time.

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