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Pros and cons of temporary work

Temporary jobs are positions offered for a limited amount of time (eg. sick leave, maternity leave or project cover). Although you may be searching for permanent positions it worthwhile considering temping. To help you decide if this is the right fit for you, here are some pros and cons. 



  1. Flexibility- Temping allows you to commit to a position for a limited period of time which means if it’s not something you end up enjoying you aren’t locked into a long term contract. 
  2. Upskill- You have the chance to go into a role to learn skills in a new industry or role that you may be interested in. You can treat the time in the job as an opportunity for growth that can lead you into pursuing permanent employment with a new skillset added to your CV. 
  3. Fill the gaps- Temp roles are perfect if you need to fill a gap in your work life. Perhaps you have just finished studying and on a gap year, or want to travel, save up some extra money or be home with family more often in the near future. This is where temping is really beneficial in providing you with work on a low commitment basis. 
  4. Expand your networks – temping is a great way to meet new people, learn new industries and get a feel for what your really want in your career. If you’re moving to a new city temping is a great way to create solid connections.
  5. Guess what… your temp role may end up converting into a permanent opportunity. Many of Axia Recruitments temps make themselves an integral part of the team in the short time they’re onsite. Over 75% of our temporary assignments in 2022 have ended up turning permanent. The client uses the temporary nature as a ‘try before they buy’ to assess your skills, cultural fit and attitude, therefore it’s up to you to show up, do your best and see where it leads!



  1. Short-term- The most common downside to temp roles is that they are well… temporary. If you are seeking longer term secure employment then temping may not be the right choice for you. 
  2. May not be as fulfilling- temp roles can sometimes be the more simple positions at the company such as day to day admin tasks where they need someone to step in quickly without needing too much training. Of course this isn’t always the case but something to consider if you are looking for more of a challenge or growth opportunity. 
  3. Casual pay- A temporary assignment is treated as casual employment. Your pay rate will include 25% casual loading so this is a great perk, however you won’t have the benefits of a permanent employee (sick leave/annual leave). 

If you are searching for a career change or perhaps a temp position, get in touch!

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